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This true story came to my ear recently. Namely one young lady decided to have a young python for a pet. So she got one and they lived happily.

It chose many times to sleep out of the cage and she was accepting it. Sometimes it was under the table, sometimes in the corner of the bathroom. It was everywhere and it was ok for the owner.

Until one night and several nights after that, she notices some strange behaviour. It crawls into her bed and lies along her body. Straight, up against her body.

This continues and she decides to contact a vet about the python.

Oh, I know what it is. It is measuring itself against your body. Namely it is an adult animal and it tries to figure out if it is big enough, so it can eat you.

What happened next, I don’t know. I suppose it is kept in a cage or extremely frequently fed mice and other usual food for these kind of snakes.

The moral of the story is to my great friend’s opinion – you never know what the one lying next to you is thinking. It is another demonstration of the human’s frustration when trying to control animal instinct.

Think, how many people in our lives behave as this python? Whose only role, aim and goal in their live is apparently to eat us?

Recognising who they are, means we are already half-way to saving ourselves. And I suggest we put an obstacle between us and them.

Maybe huge and heavy oak doors.

Be it “an emotional wall” or actual doors, let’s not forget to slam them.


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