ZGAGA piše, ko ji paše. To, kar piše, paše brat.

Being constantly engaged in action, we experience many things. If we succeed and change the world, we learn even more. If we persist with attention and tactfully, our world is simply rocking.

To have a goal. To have a strong desire. To be on a mission to change things is unimaginably strong motivation that pushes us forward to continue our path.

At start we get a lot of support. In various forms. They keep telling us that we will succeed if we have equipped ourselves with a great deal of patience and persistence.

It’s funny how many times people think – God forbid you should succeed. They think it, as they do not dare to say it out loud. If we succeed, they think they could not. Which is, of course, not true, but who will wait for them to get it. Of course, we would rather continue walking, as we know where we are heading.

Continuing our path and not minding them, this happens. Slowly they start acknowledging that we have made a step further and have succeeded in a certain way, even though they wanted to see us fail. And then their eyes tell you: Well, yes, you succeeded, but not as much as you expected. That’s OK. We thank them, as they apparently follow what we are doing and go on.

Even though we are exhausted we persist.

The fellow travellers change, now we talk to the one on the left side, now to the one on the right. Some give up some overtake us. In the hardest moments, we are alone.

However, we find the power to continue. We know we have to. We ourselves. No one else.

Far away from others, we realise how lonely we are. It is getting harder and harder. It becomes clear to us, why so many have given up. We doubt our goal.

But continue walking.

We find assurance in ourselves. Our goal is strong, stronger than anything. We continue. We find peace, although still on our own.

We look up. We have focused too much on our path and our loneliness. We forgot that our goal will not be achieved, if we do not share its results with others.

We look around.

Then it strikes us. We are staring at the world around us. How many similar to us have taken this path with us, but we did not see them. How many people think and feel the same and persist despite the obstacles.

At that moment we feel stupid.

But that is the lesson we had to learn from this path.

We spread our hands in the air. Thankful for this experience, we embrace life that was given to us. The smile decorates our face. Until…

Those non-believers and grudgers appear by our side. I was the one who made it possible for you, they teach us. You would never have succeed if I were not helping you all the way.

They deserve no answers. Again, trying to prove us we are worthless.

In fact, they are right. With their negative smugness and throwing a spanner in our works they have given us even greater impetus to escape them as fast as possible. They really should take credit for the path we walked.

We look into their eyes one more time, thank for their contribution to our success, knowing that we would never have to do it again in our life.

The life becomes brighter.

Now we can rejoice the path in front of us.

Learn how can you live your dream.

3 thoughts on “God forbid you should succeed

  1. What happens between God forbid you should succeed and You wouldn’t make it without me…

    Všeč mi je

    1. zgaga pravi:

      You proceed, they don’t. They just find another way to try to stop you. And to put themselves in your story of success.

      Všeč mi je

  2. deepak sd pravi:


    Všeč mi je

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