ZGAGA piše, ko ji paše. To, kar piše, paše brat.

Oh, if this were possible! To buy happiness! Wouldn’t that be great? We would simply give the number of our credit card and become happy. Everything around us would make us happy, people, animals, things, events. All would become a source of our ultimate happiness. We would cry and scream out of joy, and jump around blissfully.

For a moment we get lost in our dreams, we flinch and confess to ourselves that we got a little bit too carried away.

Actually, we were not carried away. We are doing just one mistake. Bombarded by the consumer logic, we take the word ‘buy’ only as an exchange of something for money. As the money makes the world go round we have to believe this is the only way we can interpret it. The exchange of one THING for some other THING is almost unimaginable for us.

Are we blind to think this way? If you answered no, tell me two things:
1. What is the price of happiness? and
2. What is its price on sale, which is going on at this very moment?

Those who probably use the contents of your skull more often probably know that people were happy also when the money hadn’t even existed. At the same time, do you know that you are the happiest when you do things that money cannot buy. Count the exceptional moments you have had in your life. One, two,… countless.
For how many you had to pay to happen?

Maybe those moments have their purpose. To tell us that the happiness can be bought, but not with money? You will never buy happiness with money. Only those who are convinced by the rotten consumerism will believe it. With money I can buy a new car, a house, a phone. And I am happy. But only for a short period of time. The happiness somehow withers. We go and buy some other material stuff. And we are happy again. For how long?

If You’re So Smart, Why Aren’t You Happy? It’s a question Raj Raghunatan poses to his readers, dealing with 7 deadly sins of happiness. When you read it, you’ll find out why we have everything – good skills, knowledge, good personal relationships, material things – and still aren’t happy. Ever since I got to know his view on happiness and what makes us happy, I buy myself happiness more often. Earlier I didn’t believe it could be bought. If I put it in ‘consumer’ words – I didn’t believe its low price and speedy delivery.

I buy happiness every time, I dare to say no. Always when I take myself some time to think if I will cooperate with people who do not respect me. I buy it every time, when I intuitively start working on projects that I want to do with all my heart.

If you wish to know what I give in return, what is the actual price of my happiness, I can tell you that it depends on the moment of buying it. Most of the time it is honesty, time for good and smart people, contemplation, empathy, solidarity, learning from others and caring for others. All the things that don’t cost much, but have a great value.

Tell me, what is the price of your happiness?

If want to find out, click here. Good luck!
Or, maybe, read one of the suggested books.

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