ZGAGA piše, ko ji paše. To, kar piše, paše brat.

You’ve probably heard the famous proverb about trying to sleep in a room with a mosquito. Well, if you haven’t maybe this African proverb, sometimes attributed also to Dalai Lama is for you.

“If you think you are too small to make a difference, try sleeping with a mosquito.”

You probably think to yourself: Come on. This is so true. Everybody knows how disturbing it can be. And how it makes us react. We freak out. We get scared of a tiny insect. Funny, huh?
At this moment I am in a room with a mosquito. It is tiny and waiting for me to become its food. I hear it coming near and again flying back. Something one can get used to if it persists.
But, do you ever observe how the human race tries to exclude everything that is natural from our lives? Let’s chop down this wood and build a concrete wall or, even better, a block of concrete flats. Let’s just exclude the nature. Let’s make every single thing controllable, predictable, easy to cope with and/or to avoid.
A mosquito in our room is a sign that we are not really successful in blocking out the nature. Is this why we react? Is this why a small insect makes us freak out? The nature still surrounds us and carves our lives, even though we think we are dealing with an easily manageable task. The mosquito problems we solve by buying repellents, anti-mosquito nets, lighting anti-mosquito candles and bracelets.
But they just keep buzzing around us. Warning us of their possible sting. Nothing seems to stop them. And we feel helpless.
It’s not that we are too little and not powerful enough. It’s not that we can’t fight. It’s that we haven’t yet learned to accept that not everything will be the way we want it to be.
And the proverb quoted, in fact, proves one more time that we should learn from nature, as we are a part of it. We should learn nature’s tricks. It means, we can be as little as a mosquito, but also as powerful when we want to make a change.
The mosquito in my room apparently doesn’t intent to stop buzzing. So, what the hack. I join in by writing this to you. This is they way I buzz. Maybe the lesson this mosquito is trying to teach us is that also our presence can make a difference.
So, there’s is only one thing to do. Join in. Let’s all buzz and see what happens. Nothing bad, probably. We can expect some harsh reactions, thou.
And I am cheerfully looking forward to observe them.

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