ZGAGA piše, ko ji paše. To, kar piše, paše brat.

Zgaga – a Slovene noun that carries two meanings. The first being heartburn, that uncomfortable indigestion state when you feel the burning in your stomach that just will not stop; the second describing a person as a nuisance, a troublemaker. I give it a third meaning which I describe below.
Shortly, zgaga is your exclusive truth-teller.

Who is zgaga?

Zgaga is someone who doesn’t give any rest. This doesn’t mean that zgaga is loud or annoys our peaceful life. No. Zgagas give as a rest only if we are 100 % sure of what we are doing and saying. Do you know, who I am talking about already? Well, as a rule, zgagas are not liked by many.

I like them. A lot. In many teams and situations I have recognized them and watched how they did their zgaga show.

They listen. To people talking, to the instructions. In total silence. Then they blurt out. A nonsense – many dare to opinionate.

Actually it is not a nonsense. Not even near. Zgagas need explanations, as their world is different from the world of others. It they get a satisfying justification they get back in the prawl and wait for the next inaccuracy to push them to question it again. Often they again ask for explanation that will be, hopefully, good enough for them.

If it isn’t, let’s wish for a lot of zgaga’s grace to the person in the position to teach or theorise to zgaga. Zgagas are demanding.

A saying that keeps being repeated by the teachers and professors is that there are no stupid questions. Zgaga would contradict that there are, for sure, many stupid answers. Zgagas are never satisfied instantly, not even after the explaining done. They show, tell and demonstrate it clearly.

But don’t get me wrong. Zgagas are never insulting, smug or harmful. They just ponder upon the things that others stopped pondering upon ages ago. The obvious is not obvious to them, but something that has to be explored.

I value zgagas a lot. I value their being different, their courage, their rebelliousness, mostly their ability not to take anything for granted.

They are different from the naggers, grumps and naysayers. They are different due to having one great virtue – they have solutions. If they don’t have one now, they will find it for sure. That is what they do. Zgagas and little zgagas are the best company to have, as they allow me be me and to tell what I have to tell. Of course, before meeting them I think things through. Just in case. Otherwise I can quickly get into position where they interrogate me and I have to be 100 % sure of myself to suffice their criteria.

Zgagas demand a 100 % preparation and confidence in what you think and speak. (If you manage to be like that for some time, you may become zgaga.)

Zgagas by doing the zgaga show in different circles reach a certain status. The zgaga status that leads the whole team to being prepared in case their actions or claims get questioned. The team consequently realises that the job can only be done well if the prepared 100 % for the meeting and know the topic that is dealt with to its bones. But isn’t that what we all want in our business? Zgaga wins.

It is interesting that zgagas stay in the team also when they are not physically present. Namely the whole team at each decision making process automatically thinks of what zgaga would have to say in a certain situation. When making decisions they decide the way zgaga would like it. As they think that zgagas may become grumpy and don’t allow things to be done superficially. Zgaga is never grumpy, but it wins again.

In short, one zgaga in the team brings better preparedness and ability of all team members, as well as decision making that takes into account also the opinions of those who think differently. Wait a minute, could it be that zgaga actually saves us from bad performance?

Yes, it is so. Zgaga wins every time. But not only to gain herself, but to bring benefits in the interest of all of us. That is the bona fide win, the only win there is for me.

I would like to be a zgaga … What about you?

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