ZGAGA piše, ko ji paše. To, kar piše, paše brat.

What do you think of, when you hear the word pearl? Do you think of something beautiful? Something pinkish? Something shiny?

I think of a picture drawn way back by my neighbour in my book of memories wishing me all the best and that my life would be full of pearls.
Then I think about a live online seminar held by the late Tony Elischer (an exceptional fundraising coach I had the privilege to listen to) who told a simple story about the pearls that everyone should hear. Namely, when we admire a pearl we see its full beauty, its pricelessness, its uniqueness. But then he exposed that a pearl is actually a big obstacle to the oyster and trying to get rid of it and protect itself, the oyster surrounds it with its nacre. The years pass and the oyster makes a beautiful pearl, layer after layer of nacre. Nobody knows if this is painful for the oyster, but for sure it makes the oyster a lot of a hard time. A long hard time, a lifetime of hard time.
And the result of this struggle is so gorgeous and shining. We know its worth. We treasure it. Maybe with knowing this story even more.
But isn’t like this with all the things we do? Aren’t we like the oysters every time? Sometimes we get such big stones to turn into pearls that we end up in despair. In the end, we cut the task in smaller steps or we find some help and we do it. We manage it. Every time. Because we think it is worth it. And we are always right.
Many times we ask ourselves if we really have to do it. And if it weren’t better if we let someone else do it or just leave it like this.
In these time we have to remember the pearl. Apparently there must be some hardship to appreciate the result. We have to try hard to reach our goal, that we will admire in the end. Reaching of the goal will give us self-confidence and boost our energy to reach even higher next time. To take on a bigger stone to turn into pearl.
Let’s go and work hard. Something beautiful will come out of it. Now we know that for sure.

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